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Urinary & Lymphatic System Posters

These human lymphatic and urinary system medical posters are scientifically written. Choose from a variety of colorful anatomy illustrations on paper or lamination in wall and notebook chart sizes. Titles include Anatomical topics on incontinence, pelvic floor muscles, the bladder, kidney and more. 

  • Urogenital System Anatomy Chart

    Urogenital System Anatomy Chart

    Complete, labeled illustrations of the parts of the urogenital system in eight different views and sections From pre-teen to pre-med, this chart is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification...

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  • Urinary Tract Poster

    Diseases of the Urinary Tract Poster

    Diseases of the Urinary Tract Anatomical Chart is a comprehensive pathology chart that illustrates the following diseases: chronic pyelonephritis, multiple renal calculi, glomerulonephritis, acute renal failure, staghorn calculus, papillary necrosis,...

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  • Female Urinary Incontinence

    Female Urinary Incontinence

    This high quality, colorful anatomical chart details female urinary incontinence. The affected anatomy of urinary incontinence is illustrated along with important information about causes, treatments, and prevention. This anatomy poster is a great...

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  • Human Lymphatic System Poster

    Human Lymphatic System Poster

    This beautifully illustrated representation of the human lymphatic system offers a comprehensive guide to how the system functions, the pieces it needs to work and its importance to our health. It displays the lymph nodes of the occipital and neck...

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  • Pelvic floor Musculature

    Human Pelvic Floor Musculature Poster

    The Pelvic Floor Musculature anatomy chart shows from multiple angles the way in which the pelvic floor muscles are layered in your body, and how they operate in conjunction with adjacent organs from the urinary system, reproductive system and more. This...

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  • Urinary and Urethra Poster

    Human Urinary Bladder and Urethra Poster

    The Bladder and Urethra chart shows in incredible detail the various functions of the male and female urinary systems. It is illustrated beautifully and includes over two dozen individual displays of these systems of the body, and also common...

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  • Immunology Poster

    Immunology Poster

    Immunology Poster with vivid diagrams and descriptions to illustrate the cells, innate immunity, immunological memory, lymphocyte characteristics, the inflammatory response, clonal selection theory, antibodies, the humoral immune response, and major...

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  • Internal Organs of the Human Body Anatomy Poster

    Internal Organs of the Human Body Anatomy Poster

    This Internal Organs chart provides a simple and easy-to-understand overview of the location and functions of the major internal organs of the body, including anatomical diagrams of: heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, diaphragm, spleen, liver, pancreas,...

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  • Kidney Anatomical Poster

    Kidney Anatomical Poster

    This Kidney Anatomical Chart is accurate and painstakingly researched and executed by today's top medical illustrators. attractive Up-to-date, with a fresh, consistent style and contemporary look. durable Full-coverage 1.5 mil lamination with sealed...

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  • Kidney Anatomy Chart

    Kidney Anatomy Chart

    Shows kidney and surrounding organs, veins and arteries. Illustrates sectioned left kidney and provides a close-up view of pattern of parenchyma of kidney. Also shows nephron, renal corpuscle (including fine structure) and histology of juxtaglomerular...

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