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Kidney and Urinary System Models

These human kidney and urinary tract system anatomy models are scientifically accurate. Select from normal and abnormal diseased replicas with cutaway views of internal anatomical structures. Understand the tissue changes with kidney stones, cancer hypertension and more. These durable tools are excellent for education in the classroom or doctors office. 

  • Kidney Anatomy Model Kidney Model Description Card

    Kidney Anatomy Model

    This Anatomical Model is two times normal life-size longitudinal section of right kidney and adrenal gland. Model highlights renal artery and vein, major and minor calyx, interlobular artery and vein, and ureter. Model Size: 3-3/4" x 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" Card...

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  • Kidney Stone Anatomical Model

    Kidney Stone Anatomical Model

    A cross section of a normal sized kidney anaomy model showing various kidney and urinary stones in the following locations: renal pyramids, upper calix group, renal cortex, connecting tubule of lower calix and ureter. Photographs on the base show various...

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  • Kidney Model Kidney Model Description Card

    Kidney Diseased Anatomical Model

    This oversized 2 sided kidney model has a normal anatomy cutaway on one side and a diseased anatomy cutaway on the other side demonstrating infection, Cancer, scarring, atrophy, urinary stones, tumors, polycystic disease and hypertension. Anatomy Model...

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  • Kidney Model

    Kidney Anatomy Model Kit

    Build your own human anatomy model of the kidney! This exceptionally detailed, 6″ model contains 13 detachable, hand-painted medical education-quality parts and a display stand. Also includes illustrated assembly guide and description of the...

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  • Torso Model

    Torso Anatomy Model Kit

    Busy hands build strong minds! Learn about Human Anatomy with this fun 4D deluxe torso puzzle! Model has a transparent cutaway to show internal organs and structure. Challenge your critical thought and mental acuity. Build dexterity, fine motor...

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  • Diabetes model Diabetes Anatomical Model 4- Piece

    Diabetes Anatomical Model 4- Piece

    Four piece model indicating structures and organs with vascular effects due to diabetes. Includes sectioned model of Bowman’s capsule (kidney), artery, nerve, eye (posterior section). Full model size without handle: 3-1/2” x 2” x...

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  • Kidney Deluxe Anatomical Model

    Kidney Deluxe Anatomical Model

    Three times life-size, this vinyl-plastic anatomy model of the left kidney is parasagitally sectioned over three-fourths of its length. Illustrated in deep relief are: the renal artery and vein, a portion of the ureter, cortex, medulla, pyramids, pelvis,...

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  • Kidney and Adrenal Gland Anatomical Model (right)

    Kidney and Adrenal Gland Anatomical Model (right)

    opens like a book The vinyl-plastic reproduction kidney anatomy model, complete with adrenal gland and proximal portion of the ureter, swings open to expose its internal anatomy, including: the cortex, medulla, major and minor calyces, renal columns,...

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  • Hands On 3-D Urinary System Anatomical Model

    Hands On 3-D Urinary System Anatomical Model

    Hands On 3-D Urinary System This excretory organs model gives your students complete access - from the front, back, right, and left Typically models of the urinary system are in reality nothing more than 2-dimensional relief plaques - which offer no...

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