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Musculoskeletal System Posters

These Musculoskeletal system posters and charts are available in paper, or lamination. Choose from normal or abnormal anatomical illustrations in a variety of print sizes. Titles include the spine, extremities, vertebral column, muscles, trigger points and more. You can use these drawings for patient education, teaching students and as a reference for seasoned practitioners in their medical offices. 

  • Female Skeleton Poster

    Female Skeleton Poster

    An extremely detailed poster of the female skeletal system. It is about time for women to be able to view their own anatomy. Indispensable for all doctors with female patients, hospitals, nursing programs, and high schools. Measure 24 x 36 inches and is...

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  • Trigger point posters

    Trigger Point Poster Set

    This Trigger Point reference set of posters would be a great addition to any massage therapist’s office or other similar clinical setting. Use them as an educational tool when explaining the correlation between trigger points and referred pain...

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  • Female Musculature Chart

    Female Musculature Chart

    Each chart is painstakingly researched by our staff of medical illustrators, and checked and double checked by editors, proofreaders, and most importantly by leading anatomists and medical professionals for accuracy.Our chart line is well-designed and...

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  • Muscle Chart

    Muscle System Chart

    Complete, labeled illustrations of the muscular system, including three views for most sections.  Chart is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams, clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification.  Illustrations by award-winning...

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  • Skeletal System Anatomy Chart

    Skeletal System Anatomy Chart

    Shows anterior, lateral and posterior views of the skeletal system. Also illustrates portion of long bone, auditory ossicles, ligaments of the right hand (dorsal and palmar views), ligaments of the right foot (dorsal and plantar view) and the right knee...

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  • Understanding the Spine Poster

    Understanding the Spine Poster

    Skeleton,Spine and Pelvis including Vertebral Disc's are described here in complete format. Accurate Painstakingly researched and executed by today's top medical illustrators. attractive Up-to-date, with a fresh, consistent style and contemporary look...

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  • Large Muscular System Chart

    Muscular System Anatomy Poster

    Each muscle chart features one or more principal portraits augmented by up to a dozen supplementary figures emphasizing function, histological detail and perspective from a variety of aspects and magnifications. Functions of body systems are stressed, as...

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  • Female Muscle Diagram

    Female Muscle Diagram

    This vibrant poster uses various shades of color to distinguish muscles in the female body. Superficial and deep muscles, as well as front and rear views, are shown. Laminated; 24” x 36”.

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