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Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat Posters

Our eye, ear, nose and throat posters are available in paper, or lamination. Choose from normal or abnormal anatomy illustrations in a variety of sizes. Chart titles include, Glaucoma, middle ear infections, ENT, Vision and more. You can use these drawings for patient education, teaching students and as a reference for seasoned practitioners in their medical offices. 

  • Senses Anatomy Chart

    Senses Anatomy Chart

    Senses Complete, labeled illustrations of the senses From pre-teen to pre-med, this chart is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams, clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vince...

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  • Otitis Media Patient Anatomical Chart

    Otitis Media Patient Anatomical Chart

    Diagram size 20" x 28" Laminated Wall Anatomy Poster Clearly and simply describes, section-by-section: What is the condition? What causes Otitis Media ? What are the symptoms? How it is diagnosed. Treatment available. Self-help and support.

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  • Thyroid Disorders Anatomy Poster

    Thyroid Disorders Anatomy Poster

    Diseases Explained" Health Education Posters. Written in a layman's language, these informative Thyroid posters are perfect for patient education. Includes definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, tips for living with the disease and all major drug...

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  • Eye Anatomy Chart

    Eye Anatomy Chart

    Shows cross section of the eye. Also provides lateral and top view of the eye and shows the visual field. Illustrates anterior chamber angle, lens, retina, fundus and the macula lutea. Size is 20" W by 26" H and laminated.

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  • Eye Anatomy Poster

    Eye Anatomy Poster

    This diagram is printed and illustrated in an accurate: Painstakingly researched and executed by today's top medical illustrators. Attractive: Up-to-date, with a fresh, consistent style and contemporary look. Durable: Full-coverage 1.5 mil lamination...

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  • Eye Poster

    Eye Anatomical Poster

    This Anatomy of the Eye chart gives you an inside look at the inner working of the eye with illustrated images include the transverse section of the human eye, the lacrimal gland and structures of the eye, a close up of retinal cells, the optic fundus,...

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  • ENT with Sinus Poster

    Sinus Ear Nose and Throat Poster

    This Ear, Nose and Throat chart illustrates the pharynx and larynx, the outer, middle and inner ear; the lateral wall of the nose, nasal cartilages, sinuses, vocal cords and the tongue and mouth. This chart is laminated to provide a durable long-lasting...

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  • Ear Nose and Throat Poster

    Ear Nose and Throat Poster

        This wall chart from Body Scientific International has detailed illustrations of the ear, nose and throat, including middle and inner ear, eustachian tube, vocal cords, larynx and sinuses. This chart is laminated to provide a durable...

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  • Eye flip chart

    Eye Flip Chart

    This flip chart presents an overview of our eyes, with sections on anatomy/physiology and common diseases and disorders. The flip chart measures 11” x 14” and is UV coated to allow for dry erase markers [not included]. Spiral bound easel...

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  • Eye Wall Poster

    Eye Sticky Wall Poster

    This Eye Sticky wall poster is labeled and easy to apply, movable, and dry-erasable, these highly accurate, patient appropriate anatomical images make explanations more visual. Made of high quality vinyl with a self adhesive backing, installation is...

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  • Ear Nose and Throat Poster

    Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Poster

    This Ear, Nose & Throat Poster size, laminated quick reference chart provides views and information on the nasal & pharyngeal cavity, tongue, epiglottis, tonsils, sinuses, the ear, larynx, osseous & membranous labyrinths, and surgical...

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